I am a Husband to Debbie Gordon and father to Roddy.

I am a carer for my Son Roddy who is non-verbal autistic.

Interested and member of Ramblers Scotland. I enjoy training with Glasgow Triathlon Club and Chris Bowman Fitness.

This site is to help encourage you to take the step and get outdoors, to enjoy Scotland and it’s beautiful majestic views and become addicted to going the distance to get these times of pleasure.

I hope to post up clear descriptions of routes with GPS mapping and OS maps numbers to buy and take with you.

I hope you can add to this site and share with others the places you have visited.

More of my story….

Views are my new addiction

The motivation to get fit for his young son and the desire for a good view led to Peter Gordon’s weight loss and addiction to walking.


My life changing experience has been a journey over three years with a drastic attempt to lose weight.  My motivation was to get more mobile for my seven year old son Rodrick who has autism.  I was nearly 18 stone, eating unhealthily and living a lifestyle that could lead to a heart attack and deep down I really wanted to change.

One summer at a theme park I wanted to go on the teacup ride with my son but when we got on the ride I was squashing him and felt embarrassed.

The easiest thing I could do was walk. I was too fat to run so attempted walking up Ben Bouie in Helensburgh. What should have been a 40 minute walk took me an hour and a half with lots of stops and gasping for breath. I came to one of the ridges near the top and the view was mind blowing.  I could see Ben Lomond and the Arrochar Alps in the distance.  This is how I got the bug for walking and dreamed of climbing these mountains for the view as well as losing weight.

My wife was attending Slimming World and I went along to give her support but I enjoyed the challenge of losing weight every week. I started the diet but got into the walking. Every morning I walked up towards Ben Bouie and got fitter and fitter. In two months I lost nearly three stone.

I bought an OS map and planned my route up Ben Bouie. One day I reached the summit and could see the Arrochar Alps and I thought to myself the Cobbler is my next one.  I faced the Cobbler on a wet, blustery day and I stopped at every corner of the zigsag path but with determination I did it. I saw Narnain beside me and the other Munros and with a map and proper gear I tackled them losing weight till I was down to 12 stone.  Eventually I was doing two or three Munros and the views were my new addiction.

I have since joined the Ramblers and have enjoyed being able to lead walks and encourage people to get out walking. I have become a footpath officer – it’s a dream to be able to fight for better access for walkers and get people out enjoying the views that got me addicted to walking.