Bloupunt Trail, Montagu, South Africa

This was an awesome epic walk with adventure written all over it. I was in Montagu for over a week but to busy eating pizza at the Burgundy Gherkin, I wrote this review on trip adviser:-

Was here in Montagu for some mountain trekking and glad I found this restaurant. The staff were very friendly and welcoming and it was nice to sit at the bar waiting for my pizzas with a cold bottle of beer.
It was amazing watching them make the pizza; it was all done from scratch with the rolling out of the dough, adding the toppings…
I am a pizza mad person and loved the thin base and varied toppings, The Scotland with a Banana and bacon topping was my favourite. One of the other nights I was in, they did a Half ‘n’ Half.
The Burgundy Gherkin is friendly and has a relaxed ambience about it. It is ideal for anyone from trekkers like me to families or bigger groups.

I got my bum of my pizza seat and the day after my birthday and made an attempt to climb Bloupunt Trail.

Before you start the walk you need to pay for a permit, the lady was a nice and very welcoming.

It is a gentile walk up with gazebo’s on your right with the noise of Baboons in the distance. It was very quiet and was weary of the Leopards, so picked up a long stick for protection.

The terrain was beautiful with the yellow tan rocks, cliffs and greenery to take your breath away.

There were toilets but they were closed, it must be busy in tourist season.

The walk was well signposted with the first sign which was brown to Cogman’s Kloof and Bloupunt. I took Bloupunt and the next one was a blue circle sign whare that was the start of a proper ascent.

As I climbed I was weary of snakes but the views took my mind away of them, but I had to concentrate on my route…

On the way there were Ant hills which was decorated in smiley faces which made me laugh and they encouraged me in a weird way, maybe that I must be on the right track. It was always good to look back to see the views and glimpses of Montagu, where my cold beer was waiting.

Before reaching the summit it was a hard going with a zig zag path, it was tough going but worth the climb to the rock top, where a sundial marked the top.

On the way down the path was sore on the feet, I was running out of water so didn’t get much photos of the waterfalls where you could swim or bath. A weird thing I was I saw a crab, yes a crab! That you get on the sea shore. I wish I took a picture of this but maybe my mind was playing games with the sun. If anyone has seen them up here please tell me…

At the bottom I said bye to the permit lady and she thanked me for my respect.

My sister picked me up with a beer but stunk on leopard spray, at Prestons Restaurant bar at night they said I stunk… Poor me



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