Beinn Chaorach – Graham

Beinn Chaorach 29 December 2019

A misty but warm morning for December hiking up Beinn Chaorach from the Helensburgh side. Beinn Chaorach is the most southern Graham mountain of the Luss Mountains between Loch Long and Loch Lomond.

I parked at Beinn a’ Mhanaich parking bays on the A812 on the Glen Fruin Haul Road.
This a great walk with amazing views on a clear day, but with the mist it still brought a sense of quietness.

The Auchengaich reservoir was a beautiful sight between the Luss valley, with its perfect grass dam wall. The winter heather swamped it on the outskirts and up the mountain braes.
Skirting round the reservoir through the wood, I headed up over the stile and made my way up following the path on my viewranger app. I had my map and compass with me in case I lost confidence with the app. The viewranger path of this route was non-existent, so I zig zagged my way up exploring boulders and these crescent shaped turfs that were carved out of the mountain side.

I got to the trig point at 713 meters and it was blowing a strong wind, I took some pictures and descended another route to get a break from the wind and grab some lunch.

Looking at the map I needed to get down to 420 meters to make my way back to the Old Shielings and the reservoir.

Back at the car I was glad of a coffee and though of the great adventure I had with some views that cheered me up.


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