Blencathra from Threlkeld, skyline circular

Date of hike 30 August 2023

Visiting friends at Threlkeld and saw the skyline of Blencathra and Blease Fell and I had to try climb them on a beautiful sunny morning.

I started on Fell Side road and made my way up to Gategill farm, the sign for this trail is hidden on the corner by a bush.

Heading up past the farm I heard the rushing water of a waterfall, it was an impressive sight to see a waterfall at the start of the trail.

At the top of the waterfall, you come to a plateau to cross over on the right and as you look up you can see the skyline with slopes on each side of rustic brown and greenery of the ferns as the autumn season is round the corner.

Crossing over the plateau, keeping to the lower path following the wall towards “Scales” you will have some slight scrambling going over at Scaley Beck OS Grid Ref: NY 33644 26808. 

I started my climb at OS Grid Ref: NY 34304 26994 up to Altitude: 309 m and skirted round to views over to Great Mell Fell. 

I followed the path up to OS Grid Ref: NY 34338 27709 at Altitude: 472 m then up the banks of Scales Fells. 

The climb up was tough as you can hear me suffering on the video but the views of Bannerdale Crags we impressive.

I was dripping sweat as I reached the Trig Point OS Grid Ref: NY 32343 27712 of Blencathra but got chilly and layered up and had some lunch.

As I had my lunch, I planned my way to Blease Fell, which was easy enough. I was intrigued by the hikers scrambling up the Sharp Edge and wondered if I should attempt is when I did my circuit and then go down Halls Fell ridge, but my time was tight and my fitness weak.

I made my way towards Blease Fell above the Knowe Crags and rewarded with magnificent views and the scramblers like ants going up Sharp Edge.

Descending from Blease Fell I was rewarded of views of Great Mell Fell. .

That was more of a deep decent as I looked back up at Blease Fell, I am imagining on a wet day this could be a Slippy path.

On the way back towards Threlkeld I went through and over some interesting gates.

I hope you enjoyed this wee adventure blog of Blencathra from Threlkeld, skyline circular, let me know if you try it.

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