Christian tract on Ben Bouie, Helensburgh

I had one of evening hikes up Ben Bouie here in Helensburgh tonight, and I was enjoying the summer night. I decided to go off track and adventure on a tough wee section up a brisk hill and through a forest section to get to the peak of Ben Bouie.

As I was going through the section, I saw something glistening in the distance and I adventured of to find what it was.

I found this blue tract with the title “Where are they now?”

The tract explains that the people on the front of the tract, they have all died. The writer missed the opportunity to meet them here on earth but will met some in Heaven.

The tract goes on about “There is life after death!” and I hope you can read the pages on this link from

The tract is from the ministry and the site seems safe and Christian, and I hopefully order some tracts and witnessing material from them in the future.

But I was wondering if the person who placed the tract, might read this and if you do could you please get in touch. We do not know many believers here in our town in Helensburgh, Scotland and it would be good to chat and meet someone who has a passion to share the gospel.

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