Tesco provoking adult with special needs

Horrified hearing my step-son being provoked by a staff member at Tesco, Sinclair Street, Helensburgh.

My step-son who has complex special needs had just moved out of our home taking the first step of independence, he was shopping with his support worker and was then provoked by a supervisor in the store to get him angry and to set of his triggers, so she could ban him.

2 years ago, he was banned for being lippy and mouthy and was with my wife, the same women came over and banned him from coming in the store, she then lashed out at my wife on how to keep control of her son.

I remember 2 years ago she came home shaking from this abuse and has never entered the store and has even avoid walking past in case the supervisor spotted her.

It is totally scary, A store like this can’t see these situations and act on staff who abuse customers.

Does this supervisor act like this with other disabled adults or has anyone else had this type of abuse from staff from other stores.

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