Start of Winter training urghhh

Well after a great weekend up in Perth at the Perth Academy school
reunion ~ class of 91, it was a great experience to be part of and an event
that will never leave me. Ingrid Abualrous and Paula Milne did an amazing job
setting it all up.

I was thinking back in 91 it was a time I was heavy involved with
my running with the Perth Strathtay Harriers and a year or so after I was in
Cyprus warm weather training under Margret Duncan our coach with a chance of
the Commonwealth Games in Canada, but with my injuries I wasn’t in contention.
I think through my athletics I never kept in touch with school friends because
I wasn’t allowed out to the pubs because I trained every weekend at Caird Park,
Dundee. These days were good in other ways where Cyprus made me and I came out
of my shy shell and over the years I have regressed back to that shy quiet

So back to the post title, I am back into winter training, I have
done a whole year with Glasgow Triathlon club and it been great to get a chance
to run with over the years I grew into a 18 stone body with drinking and eating
all the wrong things.

Now I am into an 11 stone frame, working at getting down to 10 to
10 ½ stone to get leaner and faster for training. I never dreamed I would get
addicted to running again, it’s just great. The last few weeks I have had a bad
Achilles tendon problem, it is at stage 1 I think so I am going to keep it easy
and do some strength stretches on it and hope it will make it stronger. The
last few weeks getting out of bed have been a killer with the tendon so stiff
to walk about.

Yesterday up in Perth, I got the borrow of my sons mountain bike
to try and do some winter duathlons, It was hard work getting the gears to
work, but they still aren’t quite right.

 Tesco do this kind of bike for £100 at

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