Paula Radcliffe inside qualifying time for London 2012

Was good to see Paula doing good in Berlin… See the BBc report at

I have been a fan of Paula for years, maybe because we are the same age and she is a fighter. I listened into 5live after training last Thursday and she gave a great interview, was nice hearing Sonia O’Sullivan voice in the program.

What I got from the program that with these ladies giving birth it didn’t affect them, but strengthened them for a few months after, with the age thing being late 30 something the only thing that stalls them is recovery.

Sean our coach mentioned that before that it’s not much the injuries but it’s the recovery after sessions. I feel like I am back in a fitness like I was when I was 18 but it’s taking time to recover where I can’t train twice a day, but I am determined to get to that level. This is a link to the interview I heard…

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